3 CMS Systems Other Than WordPress

We all know that WordPress is the 800 pound gorilla of content management systems. However, there are times when WordPress will not fit the bill. At those times, here are three other content management systems that you can look at.

1. Concrete 5

Concrete 5, just like WordPress, will install into what is called a lamp environment. Lamp stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP which in plain English just means a Linux Web server.

Concrete 5 also has a vibrant community of supporters and developers. Just like WordPress, you can use a variety of beings or scans for your website, some are free, some arcade. There are plug-ins that he convinced all into C5 five although they are not actually called plug-ins, they are called add-ons. The biggest advantage of C5 over WordPress, is that it allows you much more granular control over what an individual user can see and edit on your site.

2. Drupal

Drupal, also requires a lamp environment in order to function. It allows you to add multiple users and assign individual roles to those users. Drupal, also has a very wide community of supporters and developers.

Probably the most famous Drupal installation of all, is the Whitehouse.gov website. Because of that, you know that Drupal has the ability to handle a lot of traffic at any given time.

3. Mojoportal

Mojoportal, unlike the previous two, is a Windows-based CMS. There are ways that you can install it into a Linux environment, but the developer does not support it.

If you are primarily in a Windows-based environment, and would like to have active directory integration with your website so that you can use active directory to assign user roles, mojo portal is the CMS for you. Mojo has a smaller footprint than WordPress and Drupal, but there is a decent sized community of users out there that will be more than happy to help you out should you get stuck.

With mojo, you can also use different themes or skins, to change the look and feel of your website.

So, there you have three different content management systems, other than WordPress, that you can use for your website.

Personally, I like WordPress, but I find there are times when WordPress will not do what I need to get done.

WordPress, will not integrate with Active Directory, but there are times when active directory integration comes in handy. Concrete 5 has much more granular support for user permissions and user roles. For Drupal, my favorite thing, is the speed and how robust it is.

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