3 Things You Can Do With Poor Quality Score Keywords

In the course of setting up and running your PPC (pay per click) campaign, you will inevitably see a message from Google in your keyword list telling you that a certain word is not being shown due to a poor quality score.

rarely-shown-due-to-poor-quality-scoreYou may ask yourself: Well, how did I get here? What do I do to fix this? Here are 3 things that you can do to fix this message:

  1. Go to your landing page, and make sure that you have quality content that pertains to the keyword in question. For example, if you’re selling washers for plumbing, make sure that your landing page has some content related to washers for plumbing. Why it’s important to have washers, how to use them, how to tell when the washers need to be replaced, and so on. I’m not a plumber, but the point is to make sure that you have content on the landing page that relates to the keyword/keywords that have the low quality score.
  2. Bid more money. Google will penalize you anyway, so you may as well offer to pay more money for traffic related to these low quality score keywords.
  3. Ignore the message. Seriously, just ignore it. Why? well, because it says “Rarely shown” and not “Never shown.” You’ll pick up some backsplash traffic from these words regardless so you may as well just leave it alone. You have things to do and toilets to fix so why are you going to bother working on your website?

Ultimately, I recommend the first option above. Google looks at the overall quality of your account when determining how much you end up paying for keywords so the higher your average quality score the less you’ll pay for your clicks.

Google has a hard on for quality score right now, so spending time increasing your quality score will make Google love you more. I’m not mentioning Bing/ Yahoo! on purpose because they usually do whatever Google does. Facebook, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about keywords.

You could just hire some monkey to run your PPC campaign for you, and then you wouldn’t really have to worry about this kind of crap and you can ignore them when they tell you that you need more quality content related to the keywords that you are bidding on.

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