6 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Podcast

Podcasting can be a lot of fun. Through podcasting, you can get your message out to a large number of people, who will enjoy listening to you and what you have to say on your “internet radio show.” At least, we can hope that they’ll enjoy listening to you on their drive to work.

Podcasting, can also be a lot of work. By “a lot of work,” I mean A LOT OF WORK, specially if you’re trying to get show notes, coordinate your guest’s schedule, coordinate advertisers, etc.

Here are six simple things that you should consider before you get started with your podcast, or show, that I hope will keep you from ending up way over your head, .

  1. Passion.

    You want to make sure that you’re talking about your passion, or something that you’re passionate about. The reason for this, is to help you stay motivated and continue producing episodes on those days that you have the “I don’t wannas.” An easy test for your passion is this: Can you come up with 50 different things related to the topic you want to talk about?

  2. Schedule.

    With what frequency will you be podcasting? Once you pick a schedule, stick to it. Once a day requires a huge commitment, once a month is not frequent enough, once a week is ideal. If you could come up with 50 different things to talk about (see #1 above) then you essentially have 1 year’s worth of topics for your show.

  3. Blogging.

    Many of the same principals that apply to blogging, apply to producing your show. Like with blogging, your goal, should be to increase your subscribers. To accomplish that, make sure that you are providing good content and getting feedback on your content to make sure that you’re on topic.

  4. Hosting.

    Ideally, you should host your files yourself on your own server, instead of hosting the files on someone else’s. By hosting the files yourself, you avoid being inconvenienced should that third party go out of business. The biggest con to hosting the files yourself, is that it takes some time and a little technical expertise to setup your own hosting.

  5. Syndication.

    This refers to how will you distribute your podcast. People need to be able to subscribe to your show, so you need to pick a syndication platform that will make this easy for your listeners. The iTunes music store, Podcast Pickle etc. are examples of places where you can syndicate your content.

  6. Money.

    Are you planning on monetizing, or in other words, are you planning to make money from your podcast? I posit that you should not worry about making money from the get go, but rather grow into making money as your audience grows. Whether you plan to sell ads or sell affiliate products, make sure that you have a plan for how you are going to make money from your podcast when that time comes.

At the very least, you should address these issues before you start podcasting. There are many other tasks, such as growing your audience, growing your subscribers, finding guests, etc. that you may need to consider as well.

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