This Is How You Clickbait Like A Bauce

Websites like buzzfeed, diply etc, always get a bad rap when it comes to clickbait. Everyone, just about, complains about click bait and how bad it is and how awful it is for customer/ visitor satisfaction etc. The thing is, website operators, would not engage in using click bait if it didn’t work. Where can […]

The Surprising Place Where You Find Joy

This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently. Sure, you may wonder where or how this concept “where you find joy” fits into a marketing blog, but I feel that we should all be pursuing joy. No, I don’t mean the blonde from the accounting department, I mean actual joy. I think that many […]

Niche Site Experiment Update: Slower than expected going

Progress has been slower than I expected. It’s a lot harder to find a decent keyword with a lot of traffic than I had anticipated. Having said that, I think that I’ve found a keyword that I can live with. No, I’m not going to reveal the word just yet, mostly because I know no […]

No Discount For You!

I’ve been getting hammered on Facebook with ads for this printing place that specializes in canvas prints. I decided to see what all the hullabaloo is about so I clicked on the ad. The ad said, that prices start at $16.01 or something ridiculous like that. When I get to the website, this is what […]

My Niche Site Experiment

Seems like everyone who’s anyone in the internet marketing space is preaching about niche sites. I’m not anyone of consequence in the space, but I do have a little bit of experience with niche sites and how successful they can be. I acquired my experience a few years ago when I bought a product from […]

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