Latin America News Roundup March 8, 2013

News India Hopes to Double Trade With Latin America Voice of America At a conference in Hyderabad this week, Indian officials said trade with Latin Americahas been hampered by several factors, such as high tariffs and poor transport links. They said India will address these issues as it tries to double trade with the …   Voice of […]

Latin America News Roundup March 7, 2013

News After Hugo Chavez Who Will Lead Left-Wing Governmenst in Latin America? ABC News A few hours after Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro ruefully announced Chavez’s death on national television, most of Latin America’s presidents lined up in front of their own audiences to express their sorrow for the passing of the Venezuelan…   ABC News Chavez death […]

Latin America News Roundup March 5, 2013

News Mexico: Latin America’s second-largest economy lags in digital accessibility Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital Edition. There are fewer than 41 million Internet users in Mexico, a country of more than 112 million people. That’s a connectivity rate of just 36 percent in Latin America‘s second-largest economy. Barely 17 percent have Internet access …   FieldOne’s Intuitive Field Service […]

Latin America News Roundup March 3, 2013

News In Latin America, The Quiet Rise Of The High-Skilled Immigrant Worldcrunch This shift is a reflection of the fact that Latin America is starting to reap the benefits of education. Unlike the United States and Europe, educational attainment in Latin America has been increasing. That opens opportunities for Latin American …   Worldcrunch ETF Pop Quiz: Livestock, Latin America, and Long-Short […]

Immigration Law news Roundup Week Ending March 2, 2013

News Panel passes tweaks to state immigration law Atlanta Journal Constitution A bill aimed at preventing massive backlogs in state license renewals for thousands of nurses, insurance salesman and other professionals passed a key legislative committee Wednesday. House Bill 125 would tweak Georgia’s sweeping immigration law so … Universities push senators on immigration law Murray Ledger and Times Universities push […]

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