Latin American Airlines Project Combined $800 Million Profit in 2010

Interestingly, Reuters reports that the person that made the prediction, IATA Director-General Giovanni Bisignani, also predicts North American airlines will lose $1.8 Billion in 2010. The most interesting thing about this report is that it flies in the face of the commonly held belief that Latin American companies are somehow less efficient, or run in a […]

Joanna Shields Joins Facebook as Head of EMEA

Joanna Shields, who was instrumental in Bebo’s sale to AOL for $850 million in 2008 has joined Facebook as head of EMEA operations. Technically, she’ll be vice-president of sales and business development for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Photo Credit: AIB London The current vp of EMEA, Blake Chandlee, was the first Facebook employee […]

How to Get Advertisers For Your Blog or Podcast

In his inimitable style, Gary Varynerchuk shows us step by step how to get advertisers for our blogs, or podcasts etc. Basically, here are the steps: Find companies that are already advertising on Google, Bing or whatever. Go to the advertiser’s site, click around and find their contact information Reach out to them and tell […]

Embraer, A Latin Company And A Major Player On The Global Aviation Stage

This article was originally posted on my aviation site. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article where they talk about the history of Embraer, and its prospects for the future. I feel that they echoed what I said in my recent post where I talked about Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. Embraer, also known as […]

Not Websites But Media Publishing Portals

I recently attended the SXSWi festival, aka spring break for geeks, in Austin, TX. After the event, I was reminded of something that I read over on Mitch Joel’s blog a couple of weeks ago. It was something about how we should change our perception of our websites. Mitch argues that we should no longer […]

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