The Problem With Latino Marketing Today

This is what I feel to be the biggest problem with Latino focused marketing: It’s lame. Seriously, I don’t live in the hood, I speak English at home, I work in an office and not in construction, I’m a college graduate. Don’t try to pander to me with some fake and half hearted attempt at […]

Demand Media’s Business Model

This is just about the best explanation that I’ve seen for what Demand Media does. I’ve looked into, and seriously considered, becoming one of their article writers. My motivation was mainly to see if I could reverse engineer how they come up with topics to write about, but $15 per article isn’t exactly chump change […]

Marketing Advice From Joe Dirt

You can seriously get marketing advice from just about anywhere. Take this scene from the movie Joe Dirt, as an example:     Bottom line, it’s not what you want or like, it’s what the consumer wants or likes that matters. So you’re gonna tell me that you dont have no black cats, no roman […]

No Such Thing As Easy Money

I loved the Penn & Teller TV show called “Bullshit.” I confess, I was not a big fan of theirs, until I saw that show. The episode that they did on Multi-Level Marketing, pretty much sums up my experience with the entire MLM industry. I think that I may have fallen for some of the […]

Copywriting Suck-Cess

The quoted text below, was originally posted as a comment over on the Salty Droid’s site. In light of wanting to change directions with this site, I wanted to point out some of the more egregious and hype laden phrases typically used in marketing. The quoted text below is, in my opinion, simply brilliant in […]

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