Niche Site Experiment Update: Nothing, Not Even The Domain Registration Fee

I’m officially scuttling the entire experiment. That’s right, I’m scuttling the whole project. Not only because I haven’t made any progress, but rather because I’ve realized that I already have multiple niche sites and therefore do not need to launch any new sites. I wish I had realized that before I spent money buying yet […]

Niche Site Experiment Update: Slower than expected going

Progress has been slower than I expected. It’s a lot harder to find a decent keyword with a lot of traffic than I had anticipated. Having said that, I think that I’ve found a keyword that I can live with. No, I’m not going to reveal the word just yet, mostly because I know no […]

Niche Site Experiment: Crawling Basics

Continuing with the the niche site experiment, here’s another video from Bing about what happens when a search engine crawls your site. Video: Bing Webmaster Tools: Crawling Basics Bottom line: pay attention to your page load times, pay attention to your site maps, don’t cloak your content, keep clean and keyword rich urls, avoid excessively […]

Niche Site Experiment: SEO 101 Webinar From Bing

Microsoft has been bugging me recently to come back and use their webmaster tools again. Until today, I had ignored pretty much every email that they sent me. Turns out, they have some decent content on there. Sure, it’s not Google Webmaster, but that may not be a bad thing in the end. I will […]

My Niche Site Experiment

Seems like everyone who’s anyone in the internet marketing space is preaching about niche sites. I’m not anyone of consequence in the space, but I do have a little bit of experience with niche sites and how successful they can be. I acquired my experience a few years ago when I bought a product from […]

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