Weird HTC One Commercial

I went to go see the new Star Trek movie in the 3D theater last night. Before I get too far ahead of myself, go see that movie. It is awesome. Back to the commercial. You know how now in movie theaters they play commercials before the movie starts? Yesterday, they played one that I […]

3 CMS Systems Other Than WordPress

We all know that WordPress is the 800 pound gorilla of content management systems. However, there are times when WordPress will not fit the bill. At those times, here are three other content management systems that you can look at. 1. Concrete 5 Concrete 5, just like WordPress, will install into what is called a […]

No Such Thing As Easy Money

I loved the Penn & Teller TV show called “Bullshit.” I confess, I was not a big fan of theirs, until I saw that show. The episode that they did on Multi-Level Marketing, pretty much sums up my experience with the entire MLM industry. I think that I may have fallen for some of the […]

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