Competing On Price Sucks

Competing on price sucks and is a sucker’s game. Why? Because someone will always be able to beat your price. Don’t believe me? Haven’t you seen those ads on TV from car dealerships that say: bring us any competitor’s price and we’ll beat it! Of course, the car dealers don’t mention that they’ll beat the […]

3 Things You Can Do With Poor Quality Score Keywords

In the course of setting up and running your PPC (pay per click) campaign, you will inevitably see a message from Google in your keyword list telling you that a certain word is not being shown due to a poor quality score. You may ask yourself: Well, how did I get here? What do I […]

PPC Marketing Crap

Here is some PPC marketing crap for you to chew on. Increasing CPC and decreasing CTR is a bad thing. Figure out if you are capping out your budget early Grow the negative keyword list > free, employment, terms etc. Competition average position vs average cpc Guilty by association, more competition Update the ads regularly […]

AdWords Insights Video

This is a new video from Google Adwords Insights about the Adwords Auction, Quality Scores and a few other things.

If Google Were A Guy

I don’t know that Google personified would look like this guy does, but I do think it’s interesting to have a look at what would happen if Google were a guy in an office somewhere. I enjoyed how they poked fun at Bing at the very end. Kudos for that. I also enjoyed how the […]

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