Competing On Price Sucks

Competing on price sucks and is a sucker’s game. Why? Because someone will always be able to beat your price. Don’t believe me? Haven’t you seen those ads on TV from car dealerships that say: bring us any competitor’s price and we’ll beat it! Of course, the car dealers don’t mention that they’ll beat the […]

3 Things You Can Do With Poor Quality Score Keywords

In the course of setting up and running your PPC (pay per click) campaign, you will inevitably see a message from Google in your keyword list telling you that a certain word is not being shown due to a poor quality score. You may ask yourself: Well, how did I get here? What do I […]

PPC Marketing Crap

Here is some PPC marketing crap for you to chew on. Increasing CPC and decreasing CTR is a bad thing. Figure out if you are capping out your budget early Grow the negative keyword list > free, employment, terms etc. Competition average position vs average cpc Guilty by association, more competition Update the ads regularly […]

AdWords Insights Video

This is a new video from Google Adwords Insights about the Adwords Auction, Quality Scores and a few other things.

The Last Thing You Want To See When Checking Analytics Reports

Maybe not the last thing per se, but definitely not something that you want to see when you’re trying to setup new reports new clients and checking analytics reports for existing ones. I like Strongbad as much as the next guy, and I think it’s good that they used that guy and not Trogdor The […]

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