Learning To Love Microsoft Excel

The 2 of you that still read this blog that know me personally, know that I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft Excel. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I hate it, I’m just not a fan. Ever since I started working at this agency, I’ve had to use the software more, […]

I Like The “Skip This Ad” Button

I seriously do. Let me tell you why. I like the “Skip This Ad” button, because it’s a vote. You elect to watch a commercial or not, so the producer needs to make something that is compelling enough to make you want to watch it. Sure, it might hurt publishers to not get paid for […]

Pay Per Click Campaigns: What’s The Most Important Metric?

When launching or running a pay per click, or PPC campaign, what do you think is the most important metric to keep track of? Not long ago, I thought that the cost per click, or CPC was the most important metric, but I was completely wrong. Although the CPC measures something that you should keep […]

Yellow pages, a waste of money?

I recently received my copy of the “Yellow Pages.” All I could think was “what a waste.” I think a Yellow Pages ad is a waste of money and here’s why: 1. Most searches now begin online When was the last time you scrambled around to find the yellow pages so you could find the […]

A lesson in Adwords

I learned a valuable lesson in adwords recently. The lesson was important enough for me to want to tell you about it in the hopes that you will not repeat my same mistake. Even though I learned my lesson in adwords, the lesson applies to any and I do mean any advertising network known to […]

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