Facebook Can Be Cruel

I logged in to Facebook the other day, and was a little bit surprised by something that I saw in my feed. It was a relationship status update from a friend of mine, who I will not name, but the thing that struck me the most was the graphic that Facebook chose to attach to […]

Don’t Be A Social Networking Victim

Social networking can have many consequences, some good and some bad. There are some very basic things that you can do to keep from becoming a victim. These are 4 very basic things that you can do to keep from becoming another victim of online social networking. Keep private, private. That’s right, even though the […]

Hugo Chavez Joins Twitter

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has joined Twitter. Not because he wants to connect with his supporters or try to win over his detractors. Chavez joined, because he said he would, and that’s it. I doubt that we’ll see much interaction between him and his followers. He’s got 16,000+ followers as of this writing, and he’s […]

Joanna Shields Joins Facebook as Head of EMEA

Joanna Shields, who was instrumental in Bebo’s sale to AOL for $850 million in 2008 has joined Facebook as head of EMEA operations. Technically, she’ll be vice-president of sales and business development for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Photo Credit: AIB London The current vp of EMEA, Blake Chandlee, was the first Facebook employee […]

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