9 Temas de Social Media Que Se Tienen Que Acabar

Este articulo esta basado en un articulo en Ingles, que se publico en esta pagina. Estos son 9 temas de social media que se tienen que acabar. Se tienen que acabar por que son cosas fastidiosas. Algunas no tienen mas uso, y otras, necesitan ser usadas mejor. Obtener mas seguidores o fanaticos. Al menos que […]

SXSWi 2010 Austin: Latino Internet Capital of the World- Video

Finally got the video small enough that we could get it up on the video server for y’all to watch. I had to compress it to such a point that it’s a bit grainy, but ironically, this audio is a little better than the audio recording that I posted earlier this week. This video is […]

SXSWi 2010 – Fist Pound

Chelsea came and joined Vicki Flougher and I at the MarketingLatinos table at the BATHH (Big A$$ Twitter Happy Hour) and introduced us to the “fist pound.” Clever thinking!

SXSWi 2010 – Scott Allen (pt1)

Scott Allen sat down at the Marketing Latinos table at the Twitter Happy Hour on Thursday evening.  Listen to what he has to say to Alejandro Barrera,  about the concepts of the virtual Handshake. </center

At SXSWi This weekend

This weekend, and up until Tuesday, we’ll be at South by Southwest Interactive media conference. There will be sporadic updates from the event, possibly pictures, videos, etc. Last night, I had a great conversation with Scott Allen, Fernando Labastida and Alex Barrera. We talked about social media in Spanish and how come there’s not a […]

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