Competing On Price Sucks

tears of our enemiesCompeting on price sucks and is a sucker’s game. Why? Because someone will always be able to beat your price. Don’t believe me? Haven’t you seen those ads on TV from car dealerships that say: bring us any competitor’s price and we’ll beat it!

Of course, the car dealers don’t mention that they’ll beat the price by a penny or something like that so that they are technically correct, but they’re competing on price because that’s what they know to do.

Speaking of car dealers, have you ever seen an ad like that from a Mercedes or BMW dealer? How about from a Volkswagen dealer? How about from a Toyota dealer?

These other dealers are smarter. They compete on quality. Their ads basically say “come get the best car that your money can buy” or “we sell quality cars” or something like that.

WTF does this have to do with online marketing? Lemme tell you.

I’ve been on this quality score kick recently.

The point of this post, is that instead of trying to outbid your mother trucking competitors on price, telling Google that you’ll pay more money for a higher listing in the SERPs, compete on having better ads and a better landing page.

See, there’s always a bigger fish that can afford to spend more money than you on a click. Instead of competing on price with them, you compete on quality.

Don’t fight them on their strength, fight them on your strength. Have better ads and a better landing page.

I call this BABAA. That stands for Be A Better Adwords Advertiser.

BOOM! Son, you just put the smack down on your competitors.

Compete on quality and not on price, are you picking up what I’m laying down?

Good, now go forth and advertise.

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