DaFuq Are You Advertising On Facebook For?

Think about why you want to be advertising on Facebook. Are you looking for followers, are you promoting an event, or is there something completely different going on?

Here’s my opinion: you’re generally better off directing people to your website and not to your Facebook page for “Likes” or whatever. Why? Because on your website you have control over the visitor’s experience.

It ultimately, depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish. That’s the “dafuq” part.

If you want to increase your follower count on Facebook, because you feel that there is a benefit of some kind to be gained by having more followers, then promote the Facebook page you should, as Yoda would say.

If what you want is to have people learn about your services or learn about an upcoming event, or if you’re a non-profit and you want people to find out how they can help you accomplish your mission you should definitely send people to your website.

On your website, you have complete control over the visitor’s experience and you can educate the Facebook visitor about your mission etc. You can do this without the distractions that exist on Facebook. You’ll practically have the visitor’s undivided attention.

However, the biggest problem that I see with using Facebook ads to promote your Facebook page instead of your own website is that you have no control over whether a person will ever see your posts again.


Another issue that I have is that once a person likes your page, they are immediately offered other pages that they can like. Maybe one of those pages is your competitor, or maybe not.

Given how often Facebook changes their algorithm, specially as it pertains to how and what items are displayed in people’s timeline, I just don’t think that it’s worth the money to promote your page unless you’re also willing to regularly promote your posts as well. This is good for Facebook and their investors since it produces revenue for them but kind of meh for you.

If you have an audience that is really engaged, you can probably get away with not promoting posts, but then why would you need to advertise on Facebook? Just ask your audience to share your posts and invite their friends to like your page. Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

Let’s say you’re really hell bent on having more Facebook followers, once people land your website, give them the option to like you on Facebook with one of those “Like us on Facebook” widgets.

However, in order to have a means to communicate with your new visitors, you definitely want to have a sign up box where people can opt in to your email list where you can then communicate with them directly.

Bottom line, use Facebook ads to push people to your website. More specifically, to a special page on your website (aka landing page) that explains why you wanted them to come to your website in the first place. Once people get to your site, encourage them to sign up to your email list, or at the very least, encourage them to like your Facebook page using a Facebook widget. I feel that this is the best use of your Facebook advertising money and your time.

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