Don’t Be A Social Networking Victim

Social networking can have many consequences, some good and some bad. There are some very basic things that you can do to keep from becoming a victim.

These are 4 very basic things that you can do to keep from becoming another victim of online social networking.

  • Keep private, private.

That’s right, even though the basic premise of social media and social networking is to bring us all closer together, there are some things that need to be and should be private. For example, don’t parent your kids online. As funny as watching those videos may be, there is no need to publicly humiliate your kid like that. Another example, is don’t post the address to your house online, and then post that you’re not home. If you do, you’re likely to come home to a scene out of a home security system commercial.

  • Shout it out in the middle of the street.

Social media is very much like shouting in the middle of the street. If that image doesn’t work, picture yourself in a crowded room, full of everyone you know and a lot more people that you do not know. If you’re not comfortable with shouting out what you are posting on your twitter feed or your Facebook status in front of a crowd of strangers and familiars alike, then don’t say it.

  • Be mindful of prying eyes.

Prying eyes can be those of a jealous and crazy ex, or the eyes of a current or potential employer or even the prying eyes of law enforcement. You never know who is reading those tweets, so be mindful of that.

  • Keep your clothes on.

Yes, please, keep your clothes on. No one, and I do mean no one, wants to see you posing without a shirt at the gym, or wants to see the skimpy outfit that you wore out while you were in Cancun last year. It doesn’t matter whether you look good or not, it’s just not appropriate. I should mention that if you are doing anything naughty, especially with your naughty bits, please, PLEASE, don’t post that. Not even adult actors post pictures of themselves in compromising positions.

The bottom line is that you should use common sense whenever you are posting anything online. Whether you are posting it to your blog, to Facebook or twitter or whatever. If it’s online, it can and will be found by someone. That someone may be a person that you did not want or intend for him or her to find what you posted.


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