When Does Facebook Charge For A Click or Video View?

If you’ve been thinking about launching a new Facebook marketing campaign, you may have asked yourself the question: “when does Facebook charge for a click or a video view?”

The key take away, is that you only pay once and you pay for the “lowest bar.”

The type of campaign does not matter, so Whether you have a “page likes” campaign, a “clicks to website” or a video view campaign you pay once for the click on the ad or the video view and you do not pay again whenever someone “likes” your page or takes some other action as a result of the ad.

It doesn’t matter if the click is a share or they follow the image to the target website/ Facebook page. Whenever someone clicks the ad, the you are charged for that click.

Video campaigns are slightly different.

On a video campaign, you pay for any video view that is longer than 3 seconds regardless of whether they click on “play” or not.

This means that even if someone is just scrolling through their timeline and the ad auto-plays, if the person hovers on the video for more than 3 seconds, you the advertiser are charged for the view. Once the 3 seconds are up, you’re charged regardless of whether they click “play,” click on the ad itself or click “play” watch a little bit and then keep going.

So, if your potential customers have “Auto=play videos” enabled, then you may be paying for ads that play regardless of whether the customer intended to watch the ad or not.

Just a little something to keep in min when deciding what type of ad to run.


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