Google goes to real time search

That’s right folks, now you can get real time searches on Google itself. No more messing around with Twitter Search when trying to get the score of a game or when trying to get updates from someone attending a conference or when trying to get traffic updates.

What does “Real Time” mean?

Google is defining “Real Time” as “a few seconds ago.” So, as soon as something is published on twitter or anywhere else, it’ll show up in the search results. Google plans to add updates to the real time search results from Facebook and MySpace early in 2010.

What does this mean for you?

It could mean everything is now different, or it could mean that nothing is different. From what I’ve seen, Google will separate the real time results from the more “aged” results in the regular index. I also saw that Google will make the real time updates available on iPhones and other web enabled mobile phones/ devices.

So, if you’re not looking for the score of the Texas Longhorns football team while the game is still being played, real time search may not have any impact on you.  Of course, if you’re looking for real time traffic conditions in Austin, TX and Google real time search tells you that there’s yet another jack knifed 18 wheeler on I-35 before the upper and lower deck split in time for you to avoid the area, then the real time updates could have a huge impact on you.

What about advertising?

Personally, I’d like to know what impact, if any, real time search will have on adsense and adwords. Can you imagine, having a twitter RSS feed piped to a website showing adsense ads that are influenced by that fast moving twitter feed? Every visitor could potentially see a different set of ads and have a completely different experience.

I’d also like to know how they’re going to keep out all those annoying teeth whitening and flat ab spam tweets that always latch on to trending topics.

It’s nice to be right every so often.

Awhile back, I wrote that by redesigning it’s home page, Twitter was making the assertion that it’s all about the search results.

During the big announcement on December 7th, Biz Stone (Twitter’s CEO) himself admitted that it’s about search, but more importantly it’s about relevant, relevant, relevant search. Relevant search is something that Google does very well, and Twitter does very poorly.

Here’s an official Google video showing off the new real time search results feature

Do you think that real time search will have an impact on how you use Google or the internet in general?

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