You Know Who Has Good Blogging Advice? The SBA.

The Small Business Administration, aka the SBA, has really good blogging advice. I can understand your skepticism, so let me break it down for you here.

In a nutshell, the article that I linked to above wants you to:

  • Understand that blogs are important for your business. Why? Because a blog can help you connect with customers and/or potential customers in ways that was simply not possible before.
  • Identify a purpose for the blog. Why do you want to blog? Do you want to promote content or show people behind the scenes of why and/or how you do what you do?
  • Consider the blog platform that you will be using. There are many choices, ranging from free to almost free to really expensive. Figure out which platform works best for you and then run with it.
  • Commit to blogging regularly. This is the one that I am most guilty of. I used to blog every day, then it went to 3 times a week, then to once a week, then once a month, then once a quarter and so on. Nowadays, I don’t have a blogging schedule, but people want predictability in your posts. Commit to a schedule and stick to it. People want fresh and new content on a regular basis. Give it to them.
  • Develop a plan to generate traffic to your blog. If you build they will come may have worked in that movie, but it won’t work online. People need to know that your blog exists, how will you let them know that?

All in all, the SBA advice is pretty solid. Take it to heart.


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