Latin America News Roundup March 8, 2013

India Hopes to Double Trade With Latin America
Voice of America
At a conference in Hyderabad this week, Indian officials said trade with Latin Americahas been hampered by several factors, such as high tariffs and poor transport links. They said India will address these issues as it tries to double trade with the 


Voice of America
After Chávez, a Chance to Rethink Relations With Cuba
New York Times
FOR most of our history, the United States assumed that its security was inextricably linked to a partnership with Latin America. This legacy dates from the Monroe Doctrine, articulated in 1823, through the Rio pact, the postwar treaty that pledged the 


The appeal of populist autocracy has been weakened but not extinguished
The Economist
BACK in the 1990s Latin America seemed to have turned the page on military rule and embraced democracy and free-market economics, with the sole, beleaguered exception of communist Cuba. And then along came Hugo Chávez, a bumptious Venezuelan 


The Economist
Latin America leaders, US foes attend Chavez funeral
Latin American leaders and US foes joined throngs of mourners at a state funeral for Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez on Friday, as the nation eyes life without him with the formal swearing-in of his political heir. Venezuela has given a lavish farewell to the 


The Chavez Legacy in Latin America
PRI’s The World
The Chavez Legacy in Latin America. By John Otis ⋅ March 7, 2013 ⋅ Post a comment. Tweet. An image of Venezuelan President Chavez is seen in the windows of state oil company PDVSA headquarters building in Caracasin February 2012. (Photo: 


Changing of the Guard in Latin America
Huffington Post
At this time, the landscape of Latin America was much different; thus, Chavez along with the Castro’s had to invest heavily into creating regional coalitions, such as ALBA, and export financial and medical aid throughout Latin America to help “inspire 


Hugo Chavez’s Death Leaves a Void in Latin America’s Left
Fox News Latino
For 14 years, Chávez cultivated a cult of personality and a loyal band of followers throughout Latin America due in equal to his fiery rhetoric and his generous oil subsidies. His death has left a dearth in the leadership of Latin America’s radical 


Leaders of Latin America’s new left gather to say farewell to Hugo Chavez
Washington Post
From Central America to Tierra del Fuego, the leaders of Latin America’s new left — some of them populist nationalists who revel in defying the United States — are here or on their way to grieve a man who saw himself as leader of “the peoples of our 


Washington Post
WhatRunsWhere expands network to Latin America
BtoB Magazine
Latin America represents a vital, fast-growing market for global advertisers,” said Mike Cojanu, CEO of WhatRunsWhere, in a statement. “WhatRunsWhere can now deliver research to help marketers who want to either advertise in the region for the first 


Chavez was Latin America’s failed Robin Hood – The Globe and Mail
He squandered an economic gift of almost $700-billion in extra oil revenue, and Venezuela has fallen behind its neighbours.…/article9395811/
Latin America forever changed by the ‘big guy’ Hugo Chavez – NY 
A smiling Hugo Chavez walked into the room in midtown Manhattan that day in September 2005. In town for the UN General Assembly, he’d agreed to…/latin-america-changed-big-guy-hug…

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