Marketing Companies Attacking Spanish Language Market

I’m purposefully using the word “attack” and not “target.” I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how companies market, promote and sell goods to Spanish speaking markets and I’m not liking what I see.

One of the markets that I wanted to focus on with Marketing Latinos was helping companies and individuals reach Spanish speaking markets in a manner that is both respectful and profitable. Seems like no one else is really interested, if you go by the current commercials being aired on network tv.

Nothing irks me more than seeing those car commercials with the Hispanic lady speaking in mangled Spanish trying to sell people a car or truck. As if all it takes to sell a car to someone is an attractive woman in skin tight pants with a low cut shirt… Maybe that’s where I went wrong, and that is all it takes to sell a car, or anything else for that matter, to the Hispanic/ Spanish speaking consumer.

I refuse to believe that.

Then along comes a product called “Spanish Gold Rush.”

The product claims to help you, a non Spanish speaking marketer, sell your wares to a Spanish speaking market. It’s a pure internet marketing product and all it does is show you how to do keyword research, using Spanish keywords, etc. They also offer private label rights products, written in Spanish, that you can turn around and sell and “make a fortune” with.

The best part about the “Spanish Gold Rush” product? You don’t have to speak a word of Spanish to use it and/or be successful with it. In case it’s not coming across, I’m being very sarcastic. I think this product is a bad idea, and is in bad taste, whence no links to it.

I firmly believe that there are many companies out there that want to reach the increasing Hispanic population of the world and they want to do it in a respectful, intelligent and profitable fashion.

This coming year, we’re going to focus more on the Latin American market place. We’re also going to focus more on analytics, more specifically on how to use them to be more profitable.

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