My Niche Site Experiment

Seems like everyone who’s anyone in the internet marketing space is preaching about niche sites. I’m not anyone of consequence in the space, but I do have a little bit of experience with niche sites and how successful they can be.

I acquired my experience a few years ago when I bought a product from this English douchebag* called niche site annihilation or some such thing. That was my first introduction to the world of niche sites. Eventually, it also became my first introduction into online marketing douchebaggery as well.

Inspired by what I read in the ebook, I launched a little site in the pet category that in retrospect did fairly well at about about $20 per month on average. I also launched a site in the relationship niche that made roughly the same amount of money per month. I thought that was chump change, and failed to realize that all I needed to do was to replicate that same process over a few more niches.

The douche, said he was making over $1000 per month from his one niche site, and since I was only making $20, I thought I was failing.


In any case, it’s been a few years since I had a niche site that made any money and since I recently became unemployed and I have a powerful need to eat and pay child support, I decided to get back on the horse, so to speak. I also decided to do my own niche site experiment to sort of track myself and hold myself accountable in public.

If I’m honest, I like the idea of doing a public experiment like this. I’ve never done something like this and the thought of it is exhilarating.

I should say, that I was a believer in the whole make money online thing.

Then, I was a skeptic.

I started noticing things that I did not like about the whole gurusphere. I found the droid at and mostly because of the Droid, I stopped believing the hype. I stopped maintaining my sites and I stopped following the self proclaimed “gurus” that always had the latest and greatest magic bullet, push button, automated thing that was supposed to make me rich. All I had to do, was pay $47 or $97 or $127 or $1997 and they would show me the way as long as I bought into the $5000 mastermind.

I should explain the reason that I call the English guy a douchebag, is because he put out a product that was pretty decent, then he released version 2.0 of the same product. I bought version 2.0, because in the sales copy he said that it included new techniques and information.

He claimed that the product had been updated etc. etc. Turns out, it was exactly the same as version 1.0, it just had different graphics. Then, a few months later, he came out with version 3.0, it was the same song and dance as version 1.0, it just had different colors and not much more. He literally did a find and replace and replaced all instances of “2.0” with “3.0.” That’s why I call him a douchebag.

Fast forward a few years, and somehow I find out about a dude named Pat Flynn. On his blog, Mr. Flynn talks about smart passive income and whatnot. He talks about how he makes his money online and he presents reports that break down the source of his income every month. I don’t know, nor can I vouch for, the veracity of the reports. For all I know, the dude makes everything up. Regardless, for whatever reason, I believe Mr. Flynn and I believe that his income reports are legit.

Because of him, I’m starting to believe again. I don’t believe in the hype, but I do think that it is possible to make money online. I also think that it can be done ethically and in a way that is not embarrassing or shameful.

Fast forward to the present.

I purchased a tool called Long Tail Pro based on Pat Flynn’s recommendation. I plan to make a couple more purchases and build out 5 niche sites. I won’t be launching them all at the same time, but I plan to get 5 up and running fairly soon. I’m going to blog about the process here, and do my own public niche site experiment.

I think it will be a fun thing to do. It will also help me kick start this blog back up and start doing something with it. I might even kick up the podcast again.

Will you come along for the ride with me?

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