Not Sure What To Do With This Site – part 2 of 2

Continued from part 1Bull's scrotum

The first part of the answer, is that the people attending SXSWi, for the most part, are too savvy to be dazzled by the gurus and their bull. Basically, they’re not there because the majority of the people at SXSWi, are not easy marks. To borrow a phrase from their parlance, the majority of SXSWi attendees are not “open wallets” walking around.

The second part of the answer, is that the big names are not really experts after all, but rather “egg-spurts” or just phony. All they do, is rehash, repackage and resell concepts that someone a lot smarter than them has already created.

It’s all in the list.

I started paying attention to all of those emails that I was getting from being on all of their email lists. Coincidentally, it just seemed like each email promoted the latest and greatest product to “take my business to the next level” only they were all selling the exact same thing. Guru A, as an affiliate, would sell guru B’s stuff and vice versa.

They were all selling the same material that anyone with a web browser could find for free, only they were selling it for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I remember paying $20 to get on a “premium” call, that was supposed to last 90 minutes. The alleged expert was going to “open the kimono” and share the exact steps that they were doing to make I don’t even remember how much money on Facebook using Facebook pages.

After the call was over, I went back and cut out all the time the call’s “promoter” spent pitching the next paid level of training. I ended up cutting a full 27 minutes out of the 90 minute call. The “next level” training, that would be proof of us taking “massive action” cost $1997 and it wasn’t even anything revolutionary.

I just happened to know, because I read a lot, that the majority of the techniques they shared on the “premium” call and that they were going to go “into full detail” on the $1997 course had already been flagged by Facebook as spam.

Don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel.

If you were to believe the hype, every single product that is sold in the online marketing space was the best of the best of the best and better than the last time they sold you the same thing under a different name.

One product that I bought, the publisher hadn’t quite learned the concept of “find and replace.” I bought version “3.0” of a product that still said that “version 2.0 was the best version ever released” on several pages.

Just about every product that I came across, that was promoted by a “big name” person, was a colosal waste of time, money and effort. Yes, there were some nuggets in there, but not anything that was mind blowing or anything like that.

The point is…

I’ve pretty much abandoned this site because I can’t bear to be associated with the insidious parts of internet marketing. As much as I enjoy the space, I don’t want to be associated with the likes of the fake gurus and the wannabees.

The bottom line is that I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with this site.

I may end up abandoning it for good after this post, or maybe not. I like the idea of blogging about online marketing, I just don’t want to be a part of the circle jerk.


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