PPC Marketing Crap

Here is some PPC marketing crap for you to chew on.

  • Increasing CPC and decreasing CTR is a bad thing.
  • Figure out if you are capping out your budget early
  • Grow the negative keyword list > free, employment, terms etc.
  • Competition average position vs average cpc
  • Guilty by association, more competition
  • Update the ads regularly
  • Make sure the website looks good.
  • Change your day parting. Match your business hours of operations if appropriate.
  • Compare first 10 days of the month to last 20 days of the previous month
  • Create a hit list of:
    • Ad Extensions
    • low volume keywords
    • search queries
    • time of day
    • geo report for ctr
  • Fundamental function of the department:
    • Deliver PPC
    • Google has us sell for them
    • Core job is to manage campaigns in Google
    • Things are based on QPR from Google
    • Conversion matter. Track them.
    • Get the renewal.
    • Acct structure, targeting, ad copy, ad extensions, budgets, proper keywords – Big positives


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