I Like The “Skip This Ad” Button

I seriously do. Let me tell you why. I like the “Skip This Ad” button, because it’s a vote. You elect to watch a commercial or not, so the producer needs to make something that is compelling enough to make you want to watch it. Sure, it might hurt publishers to not get paid for […]

Google goes to real time search

That’s right folks, now you can get real time searches on Google itself. No more messing around with Twitter Search when trying to get the score of a game or when trying to get updates from someone attending a conference or when trying to get traffic updates. What does “Real Time” mean? Google is defining […]

Web Analytics Demystified

Web analytics, or site statistics is a field that is shrouded in mystery to some people. There are lots of experts that make it seem like you need to have a PhD in computer science in order to get data from your website. Thankfully, you don’t need a PhD, nor a MS, all you need […]

How I earned a check from Google

A while back, I came across a picture of Shoemoney with this check from Google Adsense for $152,000+. According to the post that Shoe wrote to accompany his picture with the check, Shoe was doing some arbitrage from different ad networks so his “take home” was probably a lot less than the face value of […]

Why I Should Win Shoemoney's Contest

I should win the Shoemoney CRS and ad:tech contest because I want to go to the next level. I have a decent understanding of content based advertising. I’ve even earned a check from Adsense for my efforts, but it took me nearly 2 years to earn enough to have the check issued. I’ve read books […]

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