The Blog As A Business?

I found this great quote on someone else’s blog a couple of months ago, but because of scheduling etc. I didn’t have a chance to finish this post until today. The original url of the quote is: but that particular blog is no more. Whoever owned that domain before the current people deserves credit […]

Summary of 2010

I don’t know what to do with this site. I figured I’d post some stats from last year, just to show how much work I’ve done here, and I’ve noticed that I haven’t done any work here. Nothing really since October of 2010. The real killer, I think, was SXSW. After SXSW, my posting and […]

How to Get Advertisers For Your Blog or Podcast

In his inimitable style, Gary Varynerchuk shows us step by step how to get advertisers for our blogs, or podcasts etc. Basically, here are the steps: Find companies that are already advertising on Google, Bing or whatever. Go to the advertiser’s site, click around and find their contact information Reach out to them and tell […]

SXSWi 2010 Darren Rowse video

This video is from Darren Rowse’s presentation about his upcoming new book. The sites that Darren runs/ administers include Problogger, Digital Photography School and others. I always knew Darren from Problogger, and was surprised to see that DPS is a larger blog by comparison. Nuggets from the video: Content – a blog needs content to […]

How To Look Like A Spammer

As a general rule, most people, spammers included, want to avoid looking like spammers. Despite that, a lot of innocent people end up looking like spammers because they do spammy things. Here are 3 things to do if you want to avoid looking like a spammer: Avoid keyword stuffing. What does that mean? It means […]

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