The Surprising Place Where You Find Joy

This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently. Sure, you may wonder where or how this concept “where you find joy” fits into a marketing blog, but I feel that we should all be pursuing joy. No, I don’t mean the blonde from the accounting department, I mean actual joy. I think that many […]

You Know Who Has Good Blogging Advice? The SBA.

The Small Business Administration, aka the SBA, has really good blogging advice. I can understand your skepticism, so let me break it down for you here. In a nutshell, the article that I linked to above wants you to: Understand that blogs are important for your business. Why? Because a blog can help you connect […]

How To Reboot A Blog

In case you’re wondering what’s happening here, I’ve decided to reboot this blog. I’ve lost interest in the previous direction that I was taking with this blog, so I decided to reboot it. Since I’m rebooting, I figured I should take a minute to explain what I’m doing in the form of this “how to” […]

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