SXSWi2010 – DIRTY Car

I saw this car while I was driving around downtown Austin. I think I should start a whole new series of videos etc. just of the cars and things that I see while driving around the Austin metro area.

Yellow pages, a waste of money?

I recently received my copy of the “Yellow Pages.” All I could think was “what a waste.” I think a Yellow Pages ad is a waste of money and here’s why: 1. Most searches now begin online When was the last time you scrambled around to find the yellow pages so you could find the […]

Social Media – Do You Know The Internet and Social Media Lingo?

I’ve never been one to give much thought to the significance of knowing internet lingo. To me, it’s second nature. I just know what T1, DHCP, TCP/IP and Domain name are. I very quickly picked up on the meaning of other terms like “retweet,” “pinged” and “facebooked” among others. I know these terms because I […]

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