When Does Facebook Charge For A Click or Video View?

If you’ve been thinking about launching a new Facebook marketing campaign, you may have asked yourself the question: “when does Facebook charge for a click or a video view?” The key take away, is that you only pay once and you pay for the “lowest bar.” The type of campaign does not matter, so Whether […]

DaFuq Are You Advertising On Facebook For?

Think about why you want to be advertising on Facebook. Are you looking for followers, are you promoting an event, or is there something completely different going on? Here’s my opinion: you’re generally better off directing people to your website and not to your Facebook page for “Likes” or whatever. Why? Because on your website […]

No Discount For You!

I’ve been getting hammered on Facebook with ads for this printing place that specializes in canvas prints. I decided to see what all the hullabaloo is about so I clicked on the ad. The ad said, that prices start at $16.01 or something ridiculous like that. When I get to the website, this is what […]

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