Marketing Companies Attacking Spanish Language Market

I’m purposefully using the word “attack” and not “target.” I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how companies market, promote and sell goods to Spanish speaking markets and I’m not liking what I see. One of the markets that I wanted to focus on with Marketing Latinos was helping companies and individuals reach Spanish […]

Latin American News Channel

I need someone to talk me out of this. I’m thinking of starting an online media channel that will focus on Latin America. My thought is that it will be like the Huffington Post but focused on Latin America. Talk about all the good, the bad, the ugly and the Chavez. There would be videos, […]

How I earned a check from Google

A while back, I came across a picture of Shoemoney with this check from Google Adsense for $152,000+. According to the post that Shoe wrote to accompany his picture with the check, Shoe was doing some arbitrage from different ad networks so his “take home” was probably a lot less than the face value of […]

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