Hugo Chavez Joins Twitter

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has joined Twitter. Not because he wants to connect with his supporters or try to win over his detractors. Chavez joined, because he said he would, and that’s it. I doubt that we’ll see much interaction between him and his followers. He’s got 16,000+ followers as of this writing, and he’s […]

The fallacy of followers

There is a common fallacy on Twitter and if you fall for it you’ll likely end up disappointed with your Twitter experience. The fallacy is the “follower fallacy.” The common wisdom was, or is, that you need a lot of followers on Twitter to be effective. The more followers the better. The more followers you […]

Pornographers on Twitter and what that means

I read somewhere that applications and new technology don’t take off unless they have a “killer application” or a “killer app.”  For twitter, you’d think the fact that news usually breaks first on there, or that the first pictures from just about any big news event show up on twitter first (remember the plane in […]

Using Custom Google Search Strings to Find People to Follow

While perusing on Twitter, I came across a tweet that had the following Google search string in it: bio location tx 100…1000000 followers -400 Unfortunately, I don’t remember who posted it, if you happen to catch this post, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.  What that search string does, […]

Annoying things on twitter

Let me start off by saying that there are lots of things that I love about Twitter. I love the instant connectivity, how it brings news to me immediately, as the news happens. I love how I can find out about and read a lot of different articles that I would probably have missed had […]

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