SXSWi Podcast Post – Featuring Gary Vaynerchuk, Adam Ostrow and Jessica Simmons

I still have content from SXSWi. I am surprised that I still have so much content left to publish. I was much more interested in how to grow a site, but that’s a story for another day. In the podcast, you’ll find a segment with Brian Millner, Adam Ostrow from Mashable, Jessica Simmons and Gary […]

How to Get Advertisers For Your Blog or Podcast

In his inimitable style, Gary Varynerchuk shows us step by step how to get advertisers for our blogs, or podcasts etc. Basically, here are the steps: Find companies that are already advertising on Google, Bing or whatever. Go to the advertiser’s site, click around and find their contact information Reach out to them and tell […]

Discover your passion

We’ve always been fascinated with people that are passionate about what they do. There’s just something infectious about their passion that just makes watching them do their work, or experiencing the fruits of their labor very enjoyable. For instance, over on the BBC, they have this story about a director from Montevideo, Uruguay named Fede […]

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