What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is essentially part art and part science. Let me give you my definition of it, and a brief description of how it’s done rather than regurgitating or simply posting someone else’s definition. Before I go into my definition, I want to make sure that I mention what the […]

Google goes to real time search

That’s right folks, now you can get real time searches on Google itself. No more messing around with Twitter Search when trying to get the score of a game or when trying to get updates from someone attending a conference or when trying to get traffic updates. What does “Real Time” mean? Google is defining […]

3 Quick Guidelines for Picking a Domain Name

Here are some quick and dirty guidelines for picking out a domain name. This is part of a chapter in my upcoming booklet about setting up your website. Without further ado: 1. Do not pick a name with hyphens, underscores or dashes. People don’t know the difference between them. Furthermore, imagine you’re in the elevator […]

The duplicate content fallacy

There’s been a lot of talk online about duplicate content. Most of the talk centers around how you should avoid duplicate content and so on and so forth. I’ve done some testing and I can tell you that the duplicate content penalty, as a lot of us have understood it, is no longer an issue. […]

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