SXSWi 2010 Hank Wasiak 140Conf Presentation

Yes, I still have video from South by that I have not posted yet. Mostly because the videos are too long for youtube and otherwise too big to upload to other video sharing sites. This was one of those videos. This guy named Hank Wasiak used to work at the ad agency featured in the […]

Special Edition Marketing Latinos Podcast – Featuring the music of Salsa Del Rio

Here is a special edition of the Marketing Latinos podcast. It’s special because I play more music than talk in this podcast. I feature the music of a group called “Salsa del Rio” that plays in San Marcos, TX at a club called “George’s.” They play on the first Friday of the month, most of […]

Not Websites But Media Publishing Portals

I recently attended the SXSWi festival, aka spring break for geeks, in Austin, TX. After the event, I was reminded of something that I read over on Mitch Joel’s blog a couple of weeks ago. It was something about how we should change our perception of our websites. Mitch argues that we should no longer […]

SXSWi 2010 Austin: Latino Internet Capital of the World- Video

Finally got the video small enough that we could get it up on the video server for y’all to watch. I had to compress it to such a point that it’s a bit grainy, but ironically, this audio is a little better than the audio recording that I posted earlier this week. This video is […]

Marketing Companies Attacking Spanish Language Market

I’m purposefully using the word “attack” and not “target.” I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how companies market, promote and sell goods to Spanish speaking markets and I’m not liking what I see. One of the markets that I wanted to focus on with Marketing Latinos was helping companies and individuals reach Spanish […]

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