List of Article Directories

I am a big believer in article marketing. If you’re looking to generate traffic to your website, writing articles and then posting those articles on various sites is the cheapest and quickest way to get visitors to your website. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to article marketing. For example, 90% of […]

How to use Facebook for Business

Today’s slideshare presenation is brought to you courtesy of Hubspot. They’re an inbound marketing firm based out of Boston, MA. I’m not selling anything from them, but I am working on my Hubspot inbound marketing certification. Why am I working on a certification from Hubspot? Because I like a lot of the things that they […]

Twitter Tool: monitter

I think that’s what I’m going to call this tool a “Time Suck Portal” instead of monitter.  It’s a free twitter tool that lets you see in real time what people are twittering about.  Actually, let me rephrase that. It’s a tool that lets you follow in real time what people on twitter are saying […]

Mind Mapping, A How To

Today’s post is going to be about mind mapping, mostly because I found this cool mind mapping video that I wanted to share. When I first heard the term “mind mapping” I had visions of a hospital operating room and lots of doctors prodding some poor saps brain with needles and whatnot trying to map […]

5 things you can do to attract visitors to your website

In theory, the principle of optimizing your web site for the search engines is very simple. What you want to do, is to have keywords on your site, that match the keywords that people type in on the search engines. The search engines will crawl the content on your site and send you searchers that […]

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