3 Steps to consider when you start your web promotions

Whenever you try to to get more visitors to your site, you need to determine both your starting point and your end point. Much like when you start off on a road trip, you have a starting point and you need to know your end point so you know you’ve reached your goal.   First, […]

Why I love Twitter, part deux

Today’s episode of twitter love, which by the way sounds like it should be the title for a novel, comes from a brief discussion that I had with another user. Apparently, there’s a university out there that has a degree in online marketing: Well, I don’t think that a degree like that is really worth […]

More about Photoediting

To tag along with yesterday’s post about Photoshop tutorials etc. I thought about what if you can’t or don’t want to install anything to your computer?  Or, what if your computer is too old to run Photoshop etc. what do you do then? Enter this list of 15 online photo editors Basically, the collection of […]

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