Eric Schmidt – ADMS Keynote: Mobile Is Where Innovation Is

CNN of course, completely misses the point of the entire presentation. They focus on the lamest parts of the presentation instead of on the real meat of the presentation. CNN focuses on the advertising aspects of what he said, completely missing the part about mobile phones being the primary gateway to the internet for a […]

How to Get Advertisers For Your Blog or Podcast

In his inimitable style, Gary Varynerchuk shows us step by step how to get advertisers for our blogs, or podcasts etc. Basically, here are the steps: Find companies that are already advertising on Google, Bing or whatever. Go to the advertiser’s site, click around and find their contact information Reach out to them and tell […]

How To Look Like A Spammer

As a general rule, most people, spammers included, want to avoid looking like spammers. Despite that, a lot of innocent people end up looking like spammers because they do spammy things. Here are 3 things to do if you want to avoid looking like a spammer: Avoid keyword stuffing. What does that mean? It means […]

How To Tell If Your SEO Consultant Sucks

As a long time student of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, I’ve read a lot of blogs, read a lot of books, listened to various recordings, attended events etc. I have noticed that there are certain traits that all of the good and successful SEO practitioners seem to share. By “good and successful” I mean […]

Soda pop stop video

This is awesome. This guy is named John Neese and he has some serious passion about what he sells and what he does for a living. The video is about 13 minutes long, but it’s well worth watching. I had no idea that there were so many different brands and types of “flavored water with […]

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