Summary of 2010

I don’t know what to do with this site. I figured I’d post some stats from last year, just to show how much work I’ve done here, and I’ve noticed that I haven’t done any work here. Nothing really since October of 2010. The real killer, I think, was SXSW. After SXSW, my posting and […]

SXSWi 2010 Hank Wasiak 140Conf Presentation

Yes, I still have video from South by that I have not posted yet. Mostly because the videos are too long for youtube and otherwise too big to upload to other video sharing sites. This was one of those videos. This guy named Hank Wasiak used to work at the ad agency featured in the […]

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Happy 2010 folks! Here’s a little something that I thought y’all would enjoy. It’s an analysis of the presentation secrets of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs View more presentations from Carmine Gallo. I’m planning on doing more public speaking in 2010 and will take this advice to heart. The bottom […]

Podcast: Tweetcamp San Antonio 09

This is the audio from my presentation at Tweetcamp in San Antonio in July 09. The audio is a little rough, so I decided to make it a free podcast instead of something that you had to sign in to get. It’s about 22 minutes and I talk about Twitter and your search engine rankings. […]

My PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 slides #pcpgh4

I can’t believe that in all the excitement I forgot to post my slides to my own blog. Having said that, here are my slides from my presentation in Pittsburgh.  I’m actually working on a book from the presentation so maybe that’s what happened and why it skipped my mind to post my slides here. […]

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