All Natural Cures For Sale

A lot of offers from the Internet Marketing sphere sound a lot like this. Lots of people in the make money online space setup similar shows where they are “interviewed” by “journalists” and purport to give you an unbiased look at their product. Beware, these shows are nothing but fancy infomercials setup to look like […]

The Path To “Riches” In MLM

Photo by Rob Boudon on Flickr I believe that there is no path to riches in multi-level marketing (MLM) for the average person. I think that joining an mlm opportunity is a huge waste of time, money and effort. There was an article in USA Today where they took a look at Amway where they said: Even […]

Fleecing Debbie

This audio comes to us courtesy of Salty Droid. When you’re done listening to this audio, make sure to watch that video from the FTC where the guy says, and I’m paraphrasing here: “I’m telling you to write things down from the get go, I control you now. I’m in control of the conversation and […]

No Such Thing As Easy Money

I loved the Penn & Teller TV show called “Bullshit.” I confess, I was not a big fan of theirs, until I saw that show. The episode that they did on Multi-Level Marketing, pretty much sums up my experience with the entire MLM industry. I think that I may have fallen for some of the […]

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