Bing Webmaster Tools Overview

I don’t know if you’re familiar with what webmaster tools are, but Bing has provided us with this video to review their webmaster tools application. There are a lot of similarities with the Google webmaster tools, but there are a few differences. I think I should mention, I’m not dumping Google for Bing, but I […]

Niche Site Experiment: Crawling Basics

Continuing with the the niche site experiment, here’s another video from Bing about what happens when a search engine crawls your site. Video: Bing Webmaster Tools: Crawling Basics Bottom line: pay attention to your page load times, pay attention to your site maps, don’t cloak your content, keep clean and keyword rich urls, avoid excessively […]

Niche Site Experiment: SEO 101 Webinar From Bing

Microsoft has been bugging me recently to come back and use their webmaster tools again. Until today, I had ignored pretty much every email that they sent me. Turns out, they have some decent content on there. Sure, it’s not Google Webmaster, but that may not be a bad thing in the end. I will […]

SEO Case Study

This is a case study published by SeoLinkwheelers, and was originally referred to me by Shoemoney. What I like about this case study is that it highlights some of the steps needed to perform proper keyword research and then shows you the results that you can get when keyword research is done well. SeoLinkwheelers Case […]

How To Tell If Your SEO Consultant Sucks

As a long time student of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, I’ve read a lot of blogs, read a lot of books, listened to various recordings, attended events etc. I have noticed that there are certain traits that all of the good and successful SEO practitioners seem to share. By “good and successful” I mean […]

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