No Such Thing As Easy Money

I loved the Penn & Teller TV show called “Bullshit.” I confess, I was not a big fan of theirs, until I saw that show. The episode that they did on Multi-Level Marketing, pretty much sums up my experience with the entire MLM industry. I think that I may have fallen for some of the […]

Special Podcast: The Biggest Loser in Kyle, TX

This is the second Podcast interview with Stephanie Pool from Pool personal training. We talk about the upcoming events on January 19th when there will be a workout with finalists and winners from the Biggest Loser TV show. We also talk about the Burn and Learn event that is on Satruday February 20th. The Burn […]

Things to think about before striking it on your own

On Sunday, I read “Crush It!” from cover to cover. Among many other things, it reminded me of a TV show that I used to watch. Do any of y’all remember the show Dharma and Greg? During an episode on the show, Greg left his stable job with the US Attorney’s office to “strike it […]

Billy Mays, a true master

Here’s the deal, I know this is late, but I got side tracked with other projects and somehow missed posting this. Billy Mays was probably the greatest pitchman of all time.  I’ve been an admirer of the guy for some time, but it wasn’t until the TV show “Pitchmen” hit the air that I became […]

Are you a rat?

Over the weekend, something happened that reminded me of a TV show that I used to watch. In the show, this one guy, we’ll call him Greg, had left his stable job with a large organization to “strike it out on his own.” One of his co-workers, we’ll call him Fred, from his now previous […]

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