Summary of 2010

I don’t know what to do with this site. I figured I’d post some stats from last year, just to show how much work I’ve done here, and I’ve noticed that I haven’t done any work here. Nothing really since October of 2010. The real killer, I think, was SXSW. After SXSW, my posting and […]

Google goes to real time search

That’s right folks, now you can get real time searches on Google itself. No more messing around with Twitter Search when trying to get the score of a game or when trying to get updates from someone attending a conference or when trying to get traffic updates. What does “Real Time” mean? Google is defining […]

Pornographers on Twitter and what that means

I read somewhere that applications and new technology don’t take off unless they have a “killer application” or a “killer app.”  For twitter, you’d think the fact that news usually breaks first on there, or that the first pictures from just about any big news event show up on twitter first (remember the plane in […]

Twitter Search on Steroids

OK, so maybe not on steroids, but definitely this is an enhanced twitter search. The other day, I explained what the twitter hash tags are and how to use them to track trending conversations on Twitter. Of course, the downside of trending conversations, is that it’s only a matter of time until some idiot spammer […]

Twitter "#" tags explained

If you’ve spent any time on twitter, you may have noticed people closing tweets with a text like this: #3turnoffwords or #followfriday or #tcc You may wondering, what do those mean? Well, those are called hashtags, and essentially they are topics that people are talking about.  In the current version of twitter, the application is […]

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