This Is How You Clickbait Like A Bauce

Websites like buzzfeed, diply etc, always get a bad rap when it comes to clickbait. Everyone, just about, complains about click bait and how bad it is and how awful it is for customer/ visitor satisfaction etc.

The thing is, website operators, would not engage in using click bait if it didn’t work.

Where can you turn to when you want to learn how to click bait like a bauce?

Local TV stations.

What? Local TV? For Real?


No one clickbaits like the local news, on the local TV station. They were doing click bait before that phrase was even a thing. “Tune in tonight at 9!”

Today, while perusing on the Facebook, I came across a most egregious example. It was so egregious, that it inspired this post. Here’s a screen shot of the offending item:

click bait

What college? Where? In what city?

If you were to just go by this image, you’d think that this shooting was happening in your local city.

I happen to live in a city with several community colleges and several universities. Each of them has their own campus, or several campus throughout the city. Even though I had a hunch that this shooting was not in my local city, I still clicked on the link.

click bait-2

Sure enough, the shooting happened in North Carolina and not anywhere near me.

The local TV station got another unique to their site, and another video play which adds to the value of advertising on their page. Touche local news, touche.

So, if you want to learn how to properly bait people into clicking on your link, for the gain of your website stats, you have to got to learn from your local TV station.

They are the best in the game.

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