Weird HTC One Commercial

I went to go see the new Star Trek movie in the 3D theater last night. Before I get too far ahead of myself, go see that movie. It is awesome.

Back to the commercial.

You know how now in movie theaters they play commercials before the movie starts? Yesterday, they played one that I thought was a parody at first.

This guy, pictured below, comes out and starts talking about fluidity of design among other things. He says things that I picture Jonathan Ive, the Apple head design guy saying. He may have actually just quoted Ive from a Macworld presentation.


But then I realize that something’s not quite right. They’re talking about something made my HTC, like seriously talking about it like they want me to buy it. That’s when it hits me.

I realize right then and there, that this is not a parody, but rather an actual commercial for the HTC One that they are playing in the theater before Star Trek comes on. Look at the set they have this Ive wanna be on.


Now that I think about it, I’m still not sure that it’s not a parody of some kind. Here’s the real Ive talking about design. Tell me that HTC is not copying or at least invoking this.

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