Yellow pages, a waste of money?

I recently received my copy of the “Yellow Pages.” All I could think was “what a waste.”

I think a Yellow Pages ad is a waste of money and here’s why:

1. Most searches now begin online

When was the last time you scrambled around to find the yellow pages so you could find the phone number of a local business to call? I can’t remember the last time I did that.

Nowadays, people’s first reaction when they need information is to look online. If I need someone to work on my yard, I look online. If I need someone to work on my roof, I look online. If I need a mechanic for my car, I look online.

I’m fully aware that lots of businesses do not have a web page, but instead have yellow page ads, and that’s fine. I just won’t buy from them. Neither will a lot of other people.

Hanging on to a Yellow Page ad in the age of the internet is akin to continuing to make horse pulled buggies back when automobiles were getting really popular. Sure, people will still want buggies, but more people want cars.

2. Yellow Page ads are static

Unlike a web page, you can’t update your ad after a few weeks to highlight a new special or a new offer. Once that ad goes to print, you’re stuck with it for a year, or until the next ad cycle.

3. Even the publishers of the Yellow Pages admit defeat

One of the biggest selling points for their ads, is that they’ll include a listing for you in their online version for free or for a nominal charge. That alone should tell you what they think of the effectiveness and continued viability of their print version.

All is not lost for the Yellowbook

Yellow Page books are great for lifting your computer monitor to a more comfortable height. That, is one thing that a web page simply cannot do.

What’s the solution?

Instead of spending all that money on a static ad that may or may not yield any results, why not implement an online advertising campaign? Talk to us about setting up and managing an online advertising campaign for your business or service.


  1. Yellow pages are not a waste of time. I use one every day. As a monitor stand.

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